German and DACH B2B email lists with XingZap's API (no code)

Hey XingZappers 🚀 !

In this article, I'll show you step by step how to generate DACH B2B email lists with XingZap's API even without coding knowledge !

The idea is to use XingZap's API to target and source your prospects on Xing, and then use any enrichment service of choice, in our case, Dropcontact or Hunter.

Using Postman with XingZap's API

Postman is a super useful tool to play around with API, especially if you're not familiar with a specific coding language.

If you just want the data off of a given API, Postman is made for you.

You can download it here on their official website.

While you're downloading it, make sure to request a XingZap test API key to get started.

Launch Postman and click on New on the upper left corner, then in the new window, click on Request, give it a name and save.

window postman request

On the request tab, paste the API endpoint URL used to scrape (in our case it's, and select POST on the dropdown list next to the URL field:

POST request on Postman

Then head to the Authorization tab:

Select API key on the Type dropdown list on the left, type X-Api-Key in the key field and paste your API key in the value field. Make also sure that Header is selected to the Add to dropdown list like below:

Finally, select the Body tab, select Raw and JSON as shown in the capture below and write your query !

All the available filters are described in the docs.

Here I'm looking for growth marketers speaking German.

You can then hit Send and visualize the response. Download the response and save the json file as whatever name you wish:

Convert your file to a CSV file

There's one more step before you can use your file, import it to your CRM or use it on any enrichment tool, and that's to convert our response file to CSV.

I use this online converter which is really straightforward : upload your file, and boom you have your CSV file ready to download !

Find the emails

Two of my favorites are Hunter and

On Hunter, log in, select Bulks, Email Finder and New bulk.

Name your list, click upload file and select your newly downloaded CSV !

Then you have to map the columns out, which most are prefilled. Make sure to unmap the Domain (Hunter picks up the url of the profile picture as company domain) column, and click validate !

What's really nice with Hunter is that it only bills a credit when they actually find an email for the data given.

Hunter gives you a breakdown afterwards and you can easily download your freshly enriched German email list :)

The setup is even easier with Dropcontact.

Simply login, drop your CSV file and launch the processing, it's that easy !

Dropcontact gives you an estimate of when your file will be ready after processing and a breakdown is sent by email:

You can then download your email list and use it in any CRM or cold mailing tool !

To try XingZap's API and generate your own targeted German email lists, request a key by filling this form.

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Anas El Mhamdi
Anas El Mhamdi
Co-Founder and Growth @Xingzap