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Here's an example of a Germany based BMW employees search with our API.
You can check out our API documentation here.

# A simple request is needed:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--data-raw '{
    "keywords": "BMW",
# A sample of the 200+ results:
        "firstName": "Andreas",
        "lastName": "Gebhardt",
        "fullName": "Andreas Gebhardt",
        "title": "Software Engineer",
        "previousTitle": "",
        "company": "BMW Group",
        "xingId": "22970005.d62928",
        "pageName": "Andreas_Gebhardt42"
        "firstName": "Jutta",
        "lastName": "Richter",
        "fullName": "Jutta Richter",
        "title": "MINI Brand Management - Digital Marketing",
        "previousTitle": "",
        "company": "BMW Group",
        "xingId": "12526637.24567b",
        "pageName": "Jutta_Richter24"
        "firstName": "Hauke",
        "lastName": "Brodersen",
        "fullName": "Hauke Brodersen",
        "title": "Geschäftsführung / Prokurist",
        "previousTitle": "",
        "company": "Albert Bauer GmbH, BMW & MINI Vertragshändler",
        "xingId": "7589328.2c5b0e",
        "pageName": "Hauke_Brodersen"
        "firstName": "GĂĽnter",
        "lastName": "Stöcker",
        "fullName": "Günter Stöcker",
        "title": "THE MARCOM ENGINE | Chief Data Officer",
        "previousTitle": "",
        "company": "BMW Group",
        "xingId": "5661529.c80948",
        "pageName": "Guenter_Stoecker2"
        "firstName": "Abbas",
        "lastName": "Hamdi",
        "fullName": "Dipl.-Ing. Abbas Hamdi",
        "title": "Telekommunikationsingenieur",
        "previousTitle": "",
        "company": "BMW, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, AOK",
        "xingId": "31694632.7f0b4b",
        "pageName": "Abbas_Hamdi"
        "firstName": "Gabriele",
        "lastName": "Maggio",
        "fullName": "Gabriele Di Maggio",
        "title": "Werksprojektleiter BMW Motorrad",
        "previousTitle": "",
        "company": "Universität Stuttgart",
        "xingId": "20263985.fa9c74",
        "pageName": "Gabriele_DiMaggio"
        "firstName": "Claudio",
        "lastName": "Marcello",
        "fullName": "Dipl.-Ing. Claudio Marcello",
        "title": "BĂĽroinhaber / Freischaffender Architekt",
        "previousTitle": "",
        "company": "bmw²-architekten marcello+wiegers PartG mbB",
        "xingId": "30002.f4eeff",
        "pageName": "Claudio_Marcello"

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