How to bypass the 300 results limit from Xing prospect search 🚀

Thinking of taking your B2B lead generation to the moon ?

When you're looking to skyrocket (and automate) your B2B lead generation in Germany 🇩🇪 , Xing is a very valuable asset.

With almost 20 million active users in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it is a staple of German business networking, and it is mandatory when your target is scarce on Linkedin for instance.

Unfortunately Xing has built-in limits when you're trying to scale your prospecting operations, and they are much more strict than LinkedIn.

For instance, LinkedIn, with a Sales Navigator subscription, allows you to fetch up to 2500 profiles per query. 

Xing only allows 300 profiles per query 😱

No worries, I've got you covered 💪

Search splitting

If you're familiar with big LinkedIn queries, this is isn't news to you.

Splitting your search query is the key to extending your results.

An example is worth a thousand worth here. 

Let's says I want to have a look at growth hackers using Xing (I'm using Xing premium here, but the technique works on basic as well):

Out of the 1543 profiles available for this query, obviously over the 300 limit.

The trick is to use exclusive filters to effectively split the search to retrieve all of the profiles (most of them at least).

Depending on the target, you can get away with only splitting on countries.

This wikipedia page ranks the 50 biggest cities in Germany and is usually enough to do the job !

Xing helps you as well in the process because you get a simple breakdown.

In my case here's the country breakdown:

Now if I manage to get all the prospects in Germany, I'll be able to get all the other in one fell swoop, by selecting the other countries.

From there, I can now go to another exclusive filter : the Career Level. I select Senior Executive to get my 300 profiles, and then switch to Manager, Professional/Experienced and Executive.

I'm then able to get all relevant results in 4 searches !

To sum up:

  1. Germany, Senior Executive -> 300 profiles (instead of 320)
  2. Germany, Manager -> 212 profiles
  3. Germany, Professional + Executive -> 177 + 111 = 288  profiles
  4. All countries but Germany !

By excluding 20 senior executive profiles, a few students and prospects which don't have a country mentioned on their profiles, we managed to bypass the 300 search limit !

Scrap and extract the resulting profiles

You can save each and every one of your searches using XingZap !

Simply replicate your query on the graphical interface:

Click on search and download to get a CSV file of the results !

Xingzap generated this this file for the query shown above !

You'll have to sign up to get your other queries 😏

Until next time !



Anas El Mhamdi
Anas El Mhamdi
Co-Founder and Growth @Xingzap