Automate your Xing connections and messages with XingZap !

Xing campaigns and prospects

Hey XingZappers,

Automated campaigns on XingZap are finally here !

As of this week, you will now be able to create custom outreach campaigns on Xing, as you would with other tools on Linkedin 🎉

Let's have a quick look around together.

Searching for leads

It all still starts with a prospect search. Checkout this quickstart tutorial if you’re not familiar with the platform.

In my case, I wanted to reach out to prospects in talent acquisition to ask them to XingZap out.

Here's what the search looked like:

Xingzap searching for Xing leads

Wait for the search to be done and you can test out the first of the new features: Prospects !

It's basically a mini CRM for you to store and track your outreach actions on your targets.

Click on the prospect tab to get started.

Create a prospect list

Click on add list and name it:

XingZap xing prospect list

You're prompted to import your own leads, for which we provide a CSV template. This way you can import your own Xing leads if you need to clean a list for example.

You can also just select a previous search, which is what we are going to do:

Create a campaign

XingZap Xing campaigns

Now you can directly go to the campaign section and create a campaign by clicking on the + button.

XingZap Xing campaigns options

Give your campaign a name, and in the next step, you can pick and choose your sequences step.

Xingzap xing campaign sequence options

Let's go with a classic sequence :

As you can see, you’re prompted to add messages ✍️.

Click on a step and add your message and repeat the process for the number of messaging steps you have in your campaign:

XingZap xing connect message

You can click on next to show the global campaign settings right after:

XingZap Xing campaign settings

The different actions will be triggered strictly following this schedule and will respect the limits you will set.

These limits are the default Xing limits, which can be found here, should be strictly respected to ensure the safety of your Xing account.

With that out of the way, click next and select the list we created earlier:

(You can also directly select a search from the campaign creation steps ✨)

And that's it, your campaign is running 🎉

If you go back to your campaign dashboard, you’ll see your stats and a couple of other tabs.

The prospects tab will show you the prospects currently enrolled in your campaign:

You can also have a history of your interactions with any prospects:

You can also display that window in the prospects tab:

That’s about it for the round up on the new features, hope you can generate a bunch of leads with XingZap :)



Anas El Mhamdi
Anas El Mhamdi
Co-Founder and Growth @Xingzap