How to get Xing emails with Xingzap

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Hey lead machines 🤩, 

Here’s a little tutorial to get you started on our Xing lead extractor !

I made a video to watch along with this article :

In a few words, XingZap is a lead extractor for Xing, a network widely used by 19 million people in Germany.

With XingZap you’ll be able to:

Let's get to it !

Searching for leads in Xing

Let’s search for every C-Level in IT and telecommunications:

xingzap search

The search can take up to 30 seconds after which you can check your results preview:

xingzap search preview

You can see how big the pool is (44812 prospects) and the first 3 profiles as a preview.

300 contacts is the maximum number of results Xing returns per search, but it’s fairly easy to get the rest by search splitting : we wrote an article about it !

If you have Xing premium, you can check the rest of the results by clicking the “See in Xing” link in the bottom right.

Extracting leads emails and phones

All you have to do next is click on Export if you’re ok with the results ! (as a preview, here's what it looks like 😊)

If you want XingZap to find emails and phone numbers, simply click on Enrich !

All of our emails are suitable for cold mailing, they are validated and the worst email quality you’ll get from us is a “catch all”.

When you enrich, keep in mind that we do need a little extra time to find and validate all the extra data (up to 30 minutes).

After you do any searches or export/enrich any files, you can find everything in your archive:

xingzap filters

And that’s about it ! 

Import your enriched file in your favourite outreach tool and generate some leads 🚀

You can get started with XingZap for free by signing up here.

We're also actively looking for feedback, let us know if you'd like to see something on XingZap !

Until next time,



Anas El Mhamdi
Anas El Mhamdi
Co-Founder and Growth @Xingzap